Aug. 1, 2020

Coronavirus and Small Business

The pandemic has had a monstruous effect on small business, from our ability to stay open, to the way we operate. MB Precision, as a key supplier of components used in food production has remained open throughout the closures especially the Stay Healthy Order. The key element in our ability to operate became our effectiveness in keeping our employees safe. We have implemented the Washington State DOSH, OSHA, and Department of Healthy guidelines. Regular, frequent and effective sanitization was one of key elements of that.

Many of us will probably never forget the challenge of finding toilet paper and essential cleaning, sanitizing and personal protection equipment during those closures. Being able to quickly respond to these challenges was an entrepreneurial challenge and some companies definitely rose to the challenge. We were already familiar with the high-quality products made by Heritage Distilling Co as some of our employees have sampled their products. For those of you not familiar with Heritage Distilling, they are a Pacific Northwest distillery with locations anywhere between Ballard, Gig Harbor and Eugene. We were therefore thankful and relieved when we found out that began producing hand sanitizer! During the shortage times we have used several gallons of hand sanitizer and can attest to its effectiveness as well as amazing smell. The Heritage hand sanitizer is sold in bottles, cases and 5 GAL Jerricans and we purchase it from their Gig Harbor location.

We were thankful that during those times of uncertainty, thanks to their entrepreneurship and inventiveness, Heritage has allowed essential businesses like us remain operational and serving the fishing community. Our hats off to them!

If you are interested in trying their hand sanitizer yourself, click on this link to visit their website.